Southern floods, storms kill 28

ASHLAND CITY, Tenn. — From the deck of a friend's motorboat, Peggy Martin leaned over to peer into the window of her duplex on the west bank of the Cumberland River in this town 17 miles west of Nashville. All she saw was murky river water.

The restaurant where Martin waits tables and the lube shop where her son Chris Wampler works were both underwater Monday from floods that ravished much of middle and western Tennessee, and parts of Kentucky, Alabama and Mississippi. Deaths from the weekend storms climbed to 28.

"The hard part is knowing there's nothing left," Wampler, 22, said.

Despite dry weather in the forecast, flooded rivers will take "several days to recede," said Mike Eckert, with the National Weather Service. Cumberland River in Nashville was likely to crest around midnight at 52.5 feet, 12.5 feet above flood stage.

Eighteen fatalities had been confirmed across Tennessee, according to the state Emergency Management Agency and Nashville city spokeswoman Janel Lacy.

Storms killed six people in Mississippi, said Jeff Rent, with the state Emergency Management Agency. In Kentucky, four people died from flood-related causes, the Associated Press reported.

In Cheatham County, Tenn., about 1,200 people were left stranded by rising waters Monday afternoon, said Edwin Hogan, director of the County Emergency Management Agency. "It's a catastrophe," Hogan said. "We're talking about places that have never flooded before."

"The water got to the gutters of my house," said Rocco Gogliotti, of Cheatham County. He had to swim to recover his canoe, then paddled back to rescue his wife and dog.

The state was helping sandbagging operations at the MetroCenter levee in Nashville, Lacy said.

Tanisha Hall, owner of Fleur de Lis Flavors at the Farmer's Market downtown, said she was shocked when she saw her store Monday: "All of the flea market vendors, their stuff is floating everywhere."

The state Department of Correction reported evacuating 250 inmates from a Nashville prison.

The Nashville Area Red Cross, which serves 36 counties in middle Tennessee, sheltered 2,000 people and fed more than 3,000 Monday, spokesman Mitch Turner said.

"Our primary focus is making sure people have somewhere to stay," he said.

Mayor Jerry Gist of Jackson, Tenn., toured his city in a Blackhawk helicopter with Gov. Phil Bredesen. "It looked like a sea with small islands out in the water," Gist said.

Rushing water damaged culverts, bridges and roads and inundated hundreds of homes, Gist said. He said he hopes President Obama will declare a national disaster and provide cleanup funds.

Walt Randolph surveyed his Riverview Restaurant and Marina in Ashland City on Monday. His walk-in freezer bobbed in the water, with 100 cases of catfish and 40 cases of beer ruined inside. "I expected the worst," he said. "It's about what I expected."


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Tennis great Navratilova being treated for breast cancer

Martina Navratilova, the pioneering paragon of fitness who played competitively on the women's pro tour until nearly 50, is being treated for breast cancer.

"It was a total shock because I've been so healthy," Navratilova told USA TODAY in a phone call from New York Tuesday evening.

Navratilova said that the cancer in her left breast — diagnosed as ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) — was first detected during a mammogram in early January.

DCIS is the most common type of non-invasive breast cancer and is sometimes referred to as Stage 0 or precancer.

Though DCIS is hardly ever life-threatening, it carries an increased risk of invasive cancer down the road.

Navratilova partly blames herself for allowing four years to pass between mammogram screenings.

"I let it slip by," said the nine-time Wimbledon singles champion, who holds more singles (167) and doubles (177) titles than anyone in history. "I was a bad girl."

(Navratilova will participate in a live chat at on Thursday. For information, click here.)

On March 15, the Prague-born American underwent a lumpectomy to remove cancerous tissue and will go through 4-6 weeks of radiation treatment starting in May. She hopes to begin the treatment in Paris so she can continue her commentary duties with Tennis Channel during the French Open.

Navratilova said she first intended to keep the news quiet but changed her mind when she thought of other women who might face a direr situation by skipping a routine mammogram.

"The sooner you catch it, the better," she said.

Despite recent medical controversy about when and how often to submit to mammography screening, Navratilova had this advice: "Get the bloody mammogram."

The 18-time Grand Slam singles winner said her first thoughts after the diagnosis were not about death but disfigurement.

"I thought, 'I'm going to lose my boob and then my hair, and I don't have that much," she laughed.

She emphasized that she is cancer-free and has not curbed her activities since the discovery.

She participated in last month's "Hit for Haiti" fundraiser at Indian Wells, Calif., two days before her lumpectomy. She also recently competed in a 25-mile bike portion of a triathlon race in Hawaii.

"There's a good chance it won't come back," Navratilova said, adding that her radiation treatment would "lower the risk."

"The bad news is it's cancer," she summed up. "The good news is that it hasn't spread."


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Schools tackle teacher-on-teacher bullying

Most schools have policies that target bullying, but they are usually aimed at students. Now, school districts in Iowa and California are developing rules to prevent teachers from bullying teachers.

"Kids are very vulnerable to what adults say. Adult modeling is a very powerful force in shaping youth behavior," said Stan Davis, a school guidance counselor in Sidney, Maine, and a bullying prevention expert

The Sioux City, Iowa, community school district approved its policy last April. Desert Sands Unified School District of La Quinta, Calif., is awaiting final passage later this month. The two school districts are believed to be the only ones nationwide developing anti-bullying policies for their adult employees, said Gary Namie, who — with his wife and fellow psychologist, Ruth Namie — founded the Workplace Bullying Institute in Bellingham, Wash.


Promoting an anti-bullying message among students is "undermined when a principal bullies a teacher in front of the kids," Namie said.

Though there are just two adult-specific programs so far, the concept may expand, Davis said

Nationwide, 41 states have anti-bullying laws affecting schools, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. A few states, such as North Carolina, Florida and Utah, include school employees with students in their measures, a USA TODAY review of those policies showed.

The Desert Sands school district spent $45,000 for consulting fees and training for its new bullying policy; a price tag some say was too much, considering the district faces a $15 million budget shortfall for the next school year, according to Superintendent Sharon McGehee.

"I just think the money should go toward the kids, not the adults," said Elizabeth Lira, a parent-teacher group member at the district's Ronald Reagan Elementary in Palm Desert, Calif.

Matt Spencer, the district's director of non-teaching employees, said the economic impact of bullying in absenteeism and lost productivity provides an overall financial benefit "that can be used to go about the business of educating children."

Costs for the Sioux City district's policy were covered by a local philanthropic organization, human resources director Steve Crary said. Approved last April, Sioux City schools' anti-bullying policy is already paying dividends, he said.

"We've had a number of situations come forward," Crary said. "I think it's doing what it was supposed to do. It created a heightened sense of awareness. People who for whatever reason didn't feel comfortable coming forward before are coming forward and telling us about things."

The Illinois state Senate last month passed the Abusive Work Environment Act, which would provide protections from workplace bullying for public workers. Workplace abuse "pushes people into a shell of silence," said Democratic Illinois Rep. Eddie Washington, who is co-sponsoring the House bill. "This is a good way to get in front of it," he said.

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It is you that reason comes

Buddha says: With who meet on the way and who one after another, with who who affinity fall out looks, determined by fate all, struggle, gt1 Countless kind might not meet with you, so, we nearly brush past   
" whether in this world in life, if pale colt cross the crack, suddenly " .
But this world is it have if,it run into by you, so fly to the sky thanking you for I, thank Heaven for letting me know you, the happiness thanking you for bringing to me.
Life come and go of all kinds person, some we are call the transient guest as, they come on to go hurriedly hurriedly, and there is some, as unable to forget in all one's life if we meet this life, will trigger the memory of the previous existence, perhaps has been doing all the time the shadow is accompanied, has never left.Chinese Furniture If without you, perhaps my life will be insipid like a glass of water, pale cavity like a piece of paper. Fortunately you draw a colorful one for my life.
If not fall in love with you, how could I believe that smiling can make people unable to breathe;
If not fall in love with you, courage how can I lose and your expression in one's eyes cross;
If not fall in love with you, how can I hear the mobile phone sounding in the dream;
" perfect "  Or not perfect, for a long time, have had too much too great changes already. " perfect "  ,only diligently it is the perfect since it is meeting   
Perhaps it is that my once life is too too unconvincing, then clicked and clicked, the pitiably little memory which belonged to us,China Market so dazzling, do you know, because of you, my life has color. Happy, so turbulent, come so as to let me make no adequate defense. Remember a word suddenly, who say remember " life from start to finish once very much already, park interest, a unpredictable one meet, ones that come on had no sign, make a surprise attack on! " .
It is only a transient guest in my life that I do not need you, I should be in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, take you by hand, rise and fall in the wave of the life. I want to tell you my life, my loneliness, my dream, my happiness, my disppointment, all of my past had, because my future wants you to go through in person!
Just drink the poisonous wine with a smile in love, love a person, it is you that must have a little to hate him, hate his making you dueing to him. I want to wait for all of us to always go too, even if when the dust has one's face covered with temples like the frost, recall for now,Electronic can still say: I had been once such a easy, you, really beautiful   

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Not so terrible

That day's wind and snow is very heavy, whizzing and wrestling as countless and mad strange beasts outside. Snow look for target that attack fierce, wind sob, search for everywhere, like shout from roof from wall mouse to see chink that " creakily creakily " And enter.
The classmates all are calling coldly, the attention of studying seems to be frozen.Paint One room of sound of stamping one's foot.
Very gentle Mr. Bruce acts out of character in the past: "Asking the classmates to put well the books, we go to the playground. "
The students crowd under the eave of the classroom, unwilling to march toward half a step of playground.
Mr. Bruce has not said anything, stands firm in the face of the students, take off the eider down outerwear, the sweater is taken off to half, the wind and snow helps him to finish the remaining half. "Go to the playground,Painting stand well. " Mr. Bruce is pale, a word is spoken to the students.
No one utters a sound, the students go to the playground to arrange three column formations well honestly.
Very thin Mr. Bruce only wears a white close-fitting underwear, he wrapped up in closely by the clothes shows even more weakly.
The students stand honestly.
Five minutes passed by,Oil Painting Mr. Bruce says calmly: "Dismissal. "
Get back to the classroom, Mr. Bruce says: "At classroom, all of us think one's own enemy but those wind and snow, in fact, ask you to stand for half an hour, you can withstand too, ask you to only wear a shirt, you can withstand too.Art In the face of difficulty, a lot of people wear magnifying glass, strive while being difficult, you will think, difficult but like this   "  

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Put one false for soul

Life one feeling actually, a kind of mood. It is filled with exultation that you are, relaxation is happy, lonely and depressed, dog-tired, mainly there is a psychology that is controlled. We must learn to let soul put one false frequently, make sure heart is balanced and peaceful, could experience life is light and happy with life and happy.

When being hollow and melancholy, put one false for soul. Look for dull feeling in dull day, thing of meaning never seek, appear it interesting, break the current situation, surmount the lonely, hollow and inherent poverty, reflect happiness and meaning of life.

When the failure is depressed, put one false for soul. Not downhearted because of failure for the moment, by hoping to open a means of subsistence. Spirit is the real pillar of the life, so long as it does not collapse, the life would not be out of shape.

Succeed proud, give soul put piece false. The head acts soberly, non- unrealistically optimistic, non- arrogantly, non- flamboyant, unsatisfied with the current situation, there is suffering consciousness in the heart, can fully aware that there are very long waysing will go.

When being depressed and ignorant, put one false for soul. Do not complain, do not repent because of past event, does not worry for future thing because of rushing about, falling, helpless, do not fear life, open soul wide, face everything bravely.

When being dog-tired, put one false for soul. Do not only fight, enjoy, don't be only busy with the undertaking in life, busy earning money, so busy as to ignore the life. Has a rest, do a good job of self-regulation, find working life, equalization point of the undertaking family if hard.

When the emotion is indifferent, put one false for soul. Realize true essence of life with beautiful friendly heart often, life colorful, the happiness of life, and friendship is valuable, treat every creature around kindly with the heart of soft kind-heartedness.

While coming unfortunately, put one false for soul. It could be energetic and deep and serious that the life needs tempering, meet the challenge of destiny calmly. There are more methods always than difficulties, difficult problem always can be answered satisfactorily in a great deal of life.

Angry while getting angry, put one false for soul. Do the best to restrain oneself, by putting the fire out by water in mind calmly, try to find out the constructive method and solve the problem, by treating the injury tolerantly. Life is bitter and short, it is unnecessary to consume all one's own energy on minor matter.

When fear timid, give soul put piece false. The unavoidable experience trials and hardship in life, can't fear the pressure, can't escape responsibility, go to meet bravely, overcome it, become domination of life oneself.

Persistent when appear, put one false for soul. Getting getting greedy body rich and heart getting content with one's lot body poor and the heart is rich, among the the course of pursuing in life poor, the bright heart without worldly desires, the neither desperate in life one is bitter, the persistent in life one is happy.

We might frustrated in love, officialdom unsceptered, market person who is defeat a great deal of of blows; Gloom, pessimism, knowing which way to go when the choice whose setback is when being excited hurt and wronged when being thoroughly delighted smooth at the happiness, this is life. Life is a bowl of sour, sweet, bitter, hot, salty and bittersweet soup, you may have a trial test in each kind of flavour, we are unable to choose, can only adjust the psychology to suit.

All one's life, the one alive is a kind of spirit in life. We should put one false for soul in right time, have a good health and fitness, form a kind of good psychology, live a kind of calm and comfortable life. Soul has been settled down, has equilibrated, full and round, our life is just happy, bright, there is no regret.

At the harbour of one's own soul, stop for a moment steadily.

In the post of one's own soul, enjoy for a moment silently.

In the night sky of one's own soul, stare at for a moment deeply.

The pasture in one's own soul is graceful for a moment heartily.

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Youth and old man

There is a young man at life's full flowering, often despise the old man surviving in the hardship of life.

One day, the father and son visited the park together. The youth plucks the next flower conveniently, say: "Dad, we young people are permeated with the vigor of the life just like this flower. The elderly of your, how could compare with young people? "

Father hears, when passing the buffet, have bought a pack of walnuts by the way, take out one, hold it in the centre of the palm, say: "The child, you liken well. If you are a flower, I am that this do fruit wrinkled. However, the fact tells people: The flower, like letting the life appear on the blinding petal; And fruit, like condensing the life in the seed hiding deeply! "

Young people are still recalcitrant: "If without flowers, where was the fruit woolen cloth had? "

Father laughs heartily: "Yes, all fruit, was once flowers; However, not all flowers can become fruit! "

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