Agony and salt

A master worker complains about this to complain to the apprentice that feels very boring in that ceaselessly, then sent the apprentice to fetch some salt to come back one morning.

After the apprentice fetches the salt back very unwillingly, the master worker lets the apprentice pour the salt into water cup to drink down, then ask him how taste is.

The apprentice has vomited, say: "Very bitter. "

The master worker lets apprentices take some salt and oneself along on the lakeside smiling.

They have not spoken on the way.

After coming to the lakeside, the master worker lets apprentices spread the salt into lake water, then say to the apprentice: "You drink some lake water now. "

The apprentice has drunk a lake water. The master worker asks: "What taste is there? "

The apprentice answers: "It is very cool. "

The master worker asks: "Taste saline taste? "

The apprentice says: "No. "

Then, the master worker sits by this apprentice that always likes blaming Heaven and man, say shaking hands with him: "Pain in life has certain amounts of like the salt, it can not be little either to be can not be much. We bear the intensity of determining the agony of size of the volume of the agony. When you feel painful, enlarge some your volume born, not a glass of water, is a lake. "

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