Youth and old man

There is a young man at life's full flowering, often despise the old man surviving in the hardship of life.

One day, the father and son visited the park together. The youth plucks the next flower conveniently, say: "Dad, we young people are permeated with the vigor of the life just like this flower. The elderly of your, how could compare with young people? "

Father hears, when passing the buffet, have bought a pack of walnuts by the way, take out one, hold it in the centre of the palm, say: "The child, you liken well. If you are a flower, I am that this do fruit wrinkled. However, the fact tells people: The flower, like letting the life appear on the blinding petal; And fruit, like condensing the life in the seed hiding deeply! "

Young people are still recalcitrant: "If without flowers, where was the fruit woolen cloth had? "

Father laughs heartily: "Yes, all fruit, was once flowers; However, not all flowers can become fruit! "

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