Not so terrible

That day's wind and snow is very heavy, whizzing and wrestling as countless and mad strange beasts outside. Snow look for target that attack fierce, wind sob, search for everywhere, like shout from roof from wall mouse to see chink that " creakily creakily " And enter.
The classmates all are calling coldly, the attention of studying seems to be frozen.Paint One room of sound of stamping one's foot.
Very gentle Mr. Bruce acts out of character in the past: "Asking the classmates to put well the books, we go to the playground. "
The students crowd under the eave of the classroom, unwilling to march toward half a step of playground.
Mr. Bruce has not said anything, stands firm in the face of the students, take off the eider down outerwear, the sweater is taken off to half, the wind and snow helps him to finish the remaining half. "Go to the playground,Painting stand well. " Mr. Bruce is pale, a word is spoken to the students.
No one utters a sound, the students go to the playground to arrange three column formations well honestly.
Very thin Mr. Bruce only wears a white close-fitting underwear, he wrapped up in closely by the clothes shows even more weakly.
The students stand honestly.
Five minutes passed by,Oil Painting Mr. Bruce says calmly: "Dismissal. "
Get back to the classroom, Mr. Bruce says: "At classroom, all of us think one's own enemy but those wind and snow, in fact, ask you to stand for half an hour, you can withstand too, ask you to only wear a shirt, you can withstand too.Art In the face of difficulty, a lot of people wear magnifying glass, strive while being difficult, you will think, difficult but like this   "  

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