It is you that reason comes

Buddha says: With who meet on the way and who one after another, with who who affinity fall out looks, determined by fate all, struggle, gt1 Countless kind might not meet with you, so, we nearly brush past   
" whether in this world in life, if pale colt cross the crack, suddenly " .
But this world is it have if,it run into by you, so fly to the sky thanking you for I, thank Heaven for letting me know you, the happiness thanking you for bringing to me.
Life come and go of all kinds person, some we are call the transient guest as, they come on to go hurriedly hurriedly, and there is some, as unable to forget in all one's life if we meet this life, will trigger the memory of the previous existence, perhaps has been doing all the time the shadow is accompanied, has never left.Chinese Furniture If without you, perhaps my life will be insipid like a glass of water, pale cavity like a piece of paper. Fortunately you draw a colorful one for my life.
If not fall in love with you, how could I believe that smiling can make people unable to breathe;
If not fall in love with you, courage how can I lose and your expression in one's eyes cross;
If not fall in love with you, how can I hear the mobile phone sounding in the dream;
" perfect "  Or not perfect, for a long time, have had too much too great changes already. " perfect "  ,only diligently it is the perfect since it is meeting   
Perhaps it is that my once life is too too unconvincing, then clicked and clicked, the pitiably little memory which belonged to us,China Market so dazzling, do you know, because of you, my life has color. Happy, so turbulent, come so as to let me make no adequate defense. Remember a word suddenly, who say remember " life from start to finish once very much already, park interest, a unpredictable one meet, ones that come on had no sign, make a surprise attack on! " .
It is only a transient guest in my life that I do not need you, I should be in the boundless and indistinct sea of faces, take you by hand, rise and fall in the wave of the life. I want to tell you my life, my loneliness, my dream, my happiness, my disppointment, all of my past had, because my future wants you to go through in person!
Just drink the poisonous wine with a smile in love, love a person, it is you that must have a little to hate him, hate his making you dueing to him. I want to wait for all of us to always go too, even if when the dust has one's face covered with temples like the frost, recall for now,Electronic can still say: I had been once such a easy, you, really beautiful   

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